What is your practice of Love? A reflection on V-Day + Lent.

Reflecting on this piece from Sr. Nancy Sylvester, I’m wondering what you all are thinking about today – at the meeting of a capitalist, cultural holiday and a liturgical moment. What are your intentional practices of Love? What are your traditions during Lent? What do you get rid of in your life, and what do you add to your life during this day or 40 days? How can we allow Love to transform us through daily acts and practices?

I’m sincerely wondering, because I want more intentional spiritual practices in my life. Things that confront my ego and addiction to technology. Things that ground me and slow me down. Things that remind me to value relationship to one another above status or success. So – tell me. What are your spiritual practices during this time of year?

And – excerpt:

“Those in positions of power and privilege during Jesus’ time felt threatened with Jesus’ lifestyle. What would happen if everyone was seen as equal, worthy of respect and dignity from one another? What would happen if the high priests couldn’t define which sacrifices, rules and laws were necessary to follow if people wanted to achieve a higher place in heaven? What if people believed Jesus’ message that God lives within us all?

Lent reveals the answer. The power of Love is so great a force that if not stopped — put to death — it would transform the world. The systems, structures and consciousness that privilege the few over the many would be no more.”

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